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Fried chicken fillet 10..
2.50 лв. Ex Tax:2.50 лв.
Fried chicken legs 100g..
1.90 лв. Ex Tax:1.90 лв.
Fried chicken legs 1kg..
17.00 лв. Ex Tax:17.00 лв.
price by weight.5-7 lv&..
0.00 лв. Ex Tax:0.00 лв.
333 g fillet , 333 g wi..
19.00 лв. Ex Tax:19.00 лв.
Fried chicken wings 100..
1.80 лв. Ex Tax:1.80 лв.
Fried chicken wings 1kg..
16.00 лв. Ex Tax:16.00 лв.
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